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MindReader for Outlook – Single user license

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Save time with MindReader
MindReader for Outlook is an add-in for Microsoft Outlook, which provides you with direct support when you write emails by offering text suggestions from sent emails. This helps you to formulate emails much quicker and more consistently – for communication in the fast lane.

Please note: MindReader for Outlook is licensed for the e-mail address with which you registered in the Webshop.

Therefore, for registration in the Webshop, please use the same address that you use to send e-mails from Outlook.



An overview of the most important functions

  • Simple installation and full integration into Microsoft Outlook
  • Self-learning suggestion memory
  • No need to define or manage standard formulations
  • Option to accept individual sentences or whole paragraphs
  • Suggestions can be selected by double-clicking or using a key combination, context menu or toolbar
  • Context for the suggestion is displayed (paragraph or entire source email)
  • Users can define the minimum quality for text suggestions
  • Search for exact phrases or individual words (phrase or single-word search)

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